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The first 4 articles are on documents that Constructors should be asking from all their contractors to limit their liability.  I my opinion every contractor should has a “New Job Package” that would Include a copy of their Contract and Standard Conditions and Terms, WSIB clearance certificate, their Form 1000, Health and Safety Policy Statement and any relevant documentation (Such as Material Safety Data Sheets), Proof of Insurance and Limiting Liability Statements.  Below are links to discussions about this items that I’ve already written on. I touch on why they are important and what’s required.

Construction Documents Part 1: Registration Of Constructors (Form 1000)
Construction Documents Part 2: WSIB Clearance Certificate

Construction Documents Part 3: Health and Safety Policy

Don’t Forget to ask for Proof of Insurance

Some additional common question I get are:

Can I Hire a Contractor Without WSIB?
How to Give a Safety Talk – Introduction and Example?
What Documents Should Construction Company Owners Require Their Foremen and Supervisor  Have?

Ontario New Home Warranty Specific Topics (Tarion)

Mostly Written from a Buyers Perspective

Tarion Part 1: Introduction to the Ontario New Home Warranty Program
Tarion Performance Guidelines
Tarion Protection Is Worthless Without Knowing How To Use It

Steven Silva has worked and continues to consult in the Construction Field. He was in change of Safety in a few construction companies and is WSIB certified.  His unique safety system has been audited and approved by the Ministry Of Labour (MOL). Steven has worked with many inspectors of the Ministry Of Labour on Construction Sites as well as Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), Technical Standards and safety Authority (TSSA)

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